Frequently Asked Questions

Sydney Care Daily Covid-19 Check-In

How can Sydney Care contribute to our return-to-the-workplace strategy?

Sydney Care offers effective tools to help fight the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. Its Symptom Checker, Daily COVID-19 Check-In, and access to expert virtual care from real doctors deliver a solution that helps employees connect with care when they need it.

How can my employees start using the Sydney Care app?

Employees can download the Sydney Care app from the App Store® or Google Play™. Once they register, they will be able to use the features Sydney Care offers.

If my employee is having a technical issue with Sydney Care, what should they do?

Please refer employees to the Support and Feedback portion of the app for assistance, which is accessible by selecting the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of the app.

What is the Daily COVID-19 Check-In and how does it work?

The Daily COVID-19 Check-In is a digital tool that allows employees to evaluate their health from home before they go to the workplace each day. The tool asks a few quick questions about recent exposure risks and an employee’s health at that moment in time in order to determine their potential COVID-19 risk level. The Daily COVID-19 Check-In also gathers data at the employee and organization level to help employers identify trends and potential risks.

Can only my direct employees use the check-in tool?

The Sydney Care Daily COVID-19 Check-In is available to all employees and contractors of employers who have access. For simplicity, we refer to this group as “employee(s)” throughout this FAQ.

Where will employees find the Daily COVID-19 Check-In?

The Daily COVID-19 Check-In is located in the COVID-19 Resource Center within the Sydney Care app. Employees can find the Resource Center by:

  1. Selecting the COVID-19 Resource Center pop-up that appears when they open the app.
  2. Tapping the blue COVID-19 Resource Center banner at the top of the welcome screen.
  3. Choosing COVID-19 Resource Center from the menu in the top left corner.

How were the check-in questions determined?

The Daily COVID-19 Check-In questions were developed by medical experts to assess risk based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. They cover previous COVID-19 diagnoses, current symptoms, and social or travel activity.

Can I customize or add questions?

Yes. You can customize questions to your needs or add to the default questions with new ones, for up to 10 total questions. Questions must be yes/no format only.

What happens if an employee passes the check-in?

If an employee passes the check-in, they will see a green results screen telling them they are at a lower risk for COVID-19, based on their responses.

What happens if an employee does not pass the check-in?

If an employee does not pass the check-in, they will see a red results screen letting them know they did not pass. By default, the app will also advise them to contact their workplace for further instruction. However, this messaging can be customized by business unit. You should develop their own procedures for what employees should do as a next step. Employees can also connect with a doctor within the Sydney Care app to discuss their risk and need for testing.

Can I give my employees custom instructions if they receive a red results screen?

Yes. The message that appears on the red results screen can be customized for each individual business unit, up to 250 characters. This enables you to give your employees specific guidance on what to do if they do not pass the check-in.

Do my employees need to have Anthem insurance to use Sydney Care or the Daily COVID-19 Check-In?

No. Anyone can download Sydney Care and use its features to start a health dialogue or have a virtual visit with a doctor. The COVID-19 Assessment and Symptom Checker are free to all users, and The Daily COVID-19 Check-In comes at no extra cost to employees. The typical cost for a virtual text visit is $19 and the cost for a virtual video visit is $59. If employees have an insurance plan that includes virtual care as a covered benefit, the cost may be less. Employees should check their plan documents for more details or contact Member Services at the number on the back of their digital ID card.

What if my company offers health insurance plans through other carriers? Will Sydney Care coordinate reimbursement?

Non-Anthem insured employees will need to submit their bill to their insurance provider as an out-of-network claim.

Do you need a list of the email addresses for the people who are returning or is there another was you identify employees of a specific workplace?

We do not need an employee list or email addresses. Workplace affiliation happens during the self-registration process on the app. The employee will select a workplace while creating their account.

Can employees only complete the check-in once a day?

Yes. Employees will only be able to complete the check-in once every calendar day. At the end of each check-in, employees will be reminded to review their answers for accuracy before submitting.

Can my employees set a reminder to take the Daily COVID-19 Check-In?

Yes. Employees can set a reminder for a time that works with their schedule, alerting them to confirm their health once a day using the Daily COVID-19 Check-in. They can set up these notifications by tapping on the clock icon in the top left when using the Daily COVID-19 Check-In.

Can employees only complete the check-in once a day?

Yes. Employees will only be able to complete the check-in once every calendar day. At the end of each check-in, employees will be reminded to review their answers for accuracy before submitting.

Can an employee outside the United States or in U.S. territories use the Daily COVID-19 Check-In?

No. At this time, only U.S.-based employees within the 50 states and Washington D.C. are able to utilize the tool.

What is the employer’s responsibility around using the tool?

The Daily COVID-19 Check-In gives employers access to relevant data as they decide how to continue bringing employees back to the workplace. While Sydney Care provides helpful data, individual employers are responsible for developing and enforcing policies around what their employees should do after using the tool.

What if an employee makes an error on a question during check-in and receives a red results screen?

Employees will be prompted to review their check-in answers for accuracy before submitting each day. However, employers should develop their own policy for what employees should do after receiving a red results screen. The app only tells employees to contact their employer for further instructions. From there, you can either strictly enforce the results or have an exception process. If you choose to establish an exception process, you’ll need to manage it outside the app.

If the employee closes the app, can they return to their results screen?

Employees can open the app and navigate back to the Daily COVID-19 Check-In page to see the day’s results screen.

What if an employee receives a red results screen and sees a doctor who says they have a low risk for COVID-19?

You should develop your own procedure. You can either strictly enforce the red results screen or have an exception process you will use in certain situations, such as if an employee provides a doctor’s note stating they are low risk.

Can the check-in be administered manually upon entering the workplace?

Employees can take the check-in wherever they have mobile access. Employees are encouraged to take this action at home in order to reduce congestion at security access points.

Do you offer a process for facility entrance clearance, such as a QR code?

The app does not integrate with physical devices at security entrance points. As an alternative, users can display the green or red results screen at the access point.

What if an employee can’t find their workplace listed in the app?

A list of matching workplaces will appear after an employee enters the first three characters in the search bar. If an employee does not see their workplace listed, they should check the spelling and make sure they’re following the instructions given by their employer.

What happens if an employer has not requested access to the Daily COVID-19 Check-In?

If an employer has not requested access to the tool, employees attempting to use the check-in will receive a notification saying their employer is not currently enrolled in the program.

Is the Daily COVID-19 Check-In HIPAA Compliant?

Sydney Care complies with applicable U.S. privacy laws. The Daily COVID-19 Check-In is not subject to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations since it is not a service integrated into a health plan or administered by a health care provider. However, we still operate it in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

Does Sydney Care obtain employee consent to share their Daily COVID-19 Check-In status?

Yes, the Daily COVID-19 Check-In includes an authorization, consistent with applicable law, to disclose the employee’s status and underlying responses to their employer. This data is collected, used, and maintained in accordance with the app’s Privacy Policy.

Does Sydney Care allow employers to address state privacy obligations, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?

Yes, Sydney Care will maintain a CCPA Notice and looks to employers to administer individual rights requested under the CCPA.

Will Sydney Care use the employee email addresses they collect for solicitation purposes?

The email addresses collected will not be used for solicitation by Sydney Care or any other party.

California has regulations that prohibit employers from requiring employees to use their personal cell phones for employment related activities, such as the Daily COVID-19 Check-In. Is Sydney Care aware of how employers in California are working around this policy?

We are not aware of how California employers are currently working around this regulation. We recommend employers develop a process that works best for their employees.

What is included in the check-in reporting?

Near real-time (within 15 minutes) reporting shows individual and organization-wide check-in results, which can be used to identify potential risks and monitor trends among the workforce. With this up-to-date information, managers can put additional health and safety measures in place.

What is included in the workplace-wide reporting?

Organization- or workplace-wide reporting includes:

  • Total passed and did not pass counts for the day.
  • Daily trends for passed and did not pass results.
  • Counts of those who returned to work after previously not passing.
  • Aggregated yes/no counts for each of the check-in questions.
  • Downloadable .PDF or .PPT formats.

What is included in the individual detail reporting?

Individual detail reporting includes:

  • Employee-specific information that they entered when they registered. This includes fields you have customized, such as location and user identifier.
  • Their passed and did not pass results for each day.
  • Downloadable .CSV format.

What is included in the individual attestation question responses extract?

Individual attestation question responses extract includes:

  • Employee-specific information that employees entered when they registered. This includes fields that the employer has customized, such as location and user identifier.
  • Their responses to each question for each day.
  • Downloadable .CSV format.

If you have questions on Sydney Care’s Daily COVID-19 Check-In tool, your Anthem representative will be happy to help. If you have general questions about the Sydney Care app, please check our General Sydney Care FAQ.